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RCA RP3750 CD Clock Radio with Digital AM/FM Tuner
Made by RCA
  • Clock radio with vertical-loading CD player and digital AM/FM tuner
  • Dual alarm with 3 selectable modes for CD, radio, and tone
  • Graduwake ramp-up alarm starts soft and grows louder
  • 11 radio presets for easy tuning; nap and snooze functions
  • 9-volt battery backup protects against power outages; 1-year warranty
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:

Great alarm, okay music player
If you need a versatile alarm clock first, and a CD/radio player second, then this is the model for you.

This little model packs some great wakeup, sleep, and nap features. The dual alarms can be set to any combination of CD, radio or tone. You fully control the waking volume, CD track, and station, regardless of your last listening settings. Even the alarm tone is pleasant with a beeping that gradually gets louder. The 9V battery backup is also an invaluable option.

Expect the audio quality of a clock radio, despite the RP3750's hi-fi look. The CD player has basic SKIP/RANDOM/REPEAT functions and can handle CD-R's. The radio boasts digital tuning and presets, but it's a little weak picking up signals. I do wonder about the CD player's durability. The plastic door seems a bit flimsy, and I had to exchange the first unit I bought. My initial purchase struggled (and often failed) to find CD tracks, straight out of the box!

All the buttons are well placed and pretty intuitive. The LED display glows green, clearly illuminating the time and alarm settings. The machine is actually more attractive than pictured here. The plastic is pearly white, not yellowish like shown above.

On the whole, the RP3750 is a wonderful alarm clock with a passable CD player and radio. Stylish and well-priced!

A great clock radio!
I purchased this clock radio to replace a 10 year old Sony Dream Machine. I wasn't looking for something with a CD player but ended up getting this one on sale and couldn't turn down the deal. After reading through the owners manual on how to set it up, I was very pleased with the radio. I love the green numbers, and the white with chrome look is so sleek, it looks like it belongs in an office, not a bedroom. A big change from my black Sony. I love the ease of setting the alarm, the forward and back time setting, the choice of waking to a CD or radio (or the horrid beep-beep!) and the digital tuner. The digital tuner wasn't something I was orginally looking for, but I'm so glad I got it. You can program up to 10 channels into it's memory and pick one station to wake to, even if it's not the last channel you listened to. Overall, I'm very pleased with this radio.

excellent for kitchen countertop
I am so happy with this little unit. I bought this CD/radio for use in the kitchen. I have never used the alarm features, so I can't say how they work. However, I LOVE the size and the speaker location and the way the CD opens from the front. The light color of the unit is attractive, not the usual dark black colors common in clock radios/CDs. I bought a second one for my husband's desk at work. Easy to turn radio off and NO CDs have skipped. Yay!!

Sony ICF-CD831 CD Clock Radio with FM/AM Radio and Extendable Snooze (White)
Made by Sony
  • Compact and modern clock radio with FM/AM radio and CD player
  • CD player supports CD-R/RW discs
  • Snoozinator gives you up to an extra 60 minutes of sleep
  • .9" green LED numerals are easy to see
  • Dual alarm for different wake-up times
Amazon base price: $
List price: $49.95 (that's NaN% off!)
Buy one from zShops for: $49.00
Average review score:

cd player died after 5 months
not impressed, I just packed this up to ship back to sony.
If I paid less for it, I would've just pitched it in the trash and avoided a sony next time. I had to deal with a voice recognition system for customer service ( how lame is that? )
I was finally able to get a semi-english speaking person on the other end of the line who made me unplug\plug-in the unit to see if that would fix it... ( no, it's not a windows pc )
cd players have been around for about 20 years now, it seems to me that they should be able to build a fairly reliable one at this point.

Best clock/radio/cd player I've had
This is the best alarm clock I've ever had, except for one thing. No battery backup. I suppose I could plug it into one of my UPSs to alleviate that problem, but I was surprised at how quickly it lost its memory after power loss. It would also be nice if it had a digital tuner, but that isn't a big deal to me since I don't use it for readio much. If I did use it for radio a lot, it would drive me nuts manually tuning to stations.

I love the snooze feature where you can keep tapping it to change when the next alarm will be. The ideal alarm clock would be similar to this one, with a battery backup, and a digital tuner. Oh yeah, it sounds pretty good too. I have it set play a nature sounds CD when I wake up. When it plays the morning birds I sometimes confuse the recording for the real birds outside my window, and vice versa. I'm not saying these are excellent speakers, but they definitely sound good for an alarm clock. Oh, and it looks pretty stylish to most of the other boxy CD alarm clocks out there.

In short, a very good alarm clock, but plug it into a UPS if you want to be sure you won't be late for work because of a power outtage in the middle of the night.

Reasonable standby power requirement
It's hard to find information on the power consumption of many products, even though the cost of energy can sometimes add up to be more than the purchase price. Since parts of this unit are powered up all the time, I was concerned about that before I bought it. But it is pretty good: I measure about 1.3 to 1.6 W with the display on dim; 1.7 to 2.0 W with the display bright. On dim, that's no higher than some plain alarm clocks without a radio or CD player. And it's much lower than some of the "high-end" competitors: about 6 W for the Bose Wave radio or the Cambridge Soundworks equivalents, or 3.3 W for the Panasonic RC-CD600. Still, if Sony cared to, they could cut it down to about half a watt.

On other aspects, it is very good. The display is easy to read even when dim--much better than backlit LCD displays. There's no mistaking the sound for a full size stereo, but the sound is decent and solid, and is loud enough for me to follow the news broadcast while I'm in the shower in the next room. The controls are easy to use.

One thing to look out for--the "PSYC" version looks different from the plain white one: it has silver trim and fluorescent pink lettering. This Amazon listing says PSYC but pictures the plain white one, so I don't know which you'd get if you ordered it. If you care about the looks make sure you are getting the one you prefer.

Sony Portable 1-Piece AM/FM/CD Cassette Boombox (CFD-E75)
Made by Sony
  • Remote control provides the convenience of 10-key direct remote control of CDs, AM/FM tuner, volume and power on/off
  • CD Player With 1 Bit D/A converter uses advanced technology for more accurate playback and the most natural distortion-free CD sound
  • CD-R/RW playback compatibility plays all compact discs recorded on personal computer and audio component CD recording units
  • AM/FM Stereo Tuner provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations
  • Mega Bass sound system produces rich, deep, bass tones for more powerful overall sound
Amazon base price: $
List price: $119.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Average review score:

HI I am not an advertisement for this product!
read the other reviews- why would a person try to sell you this product, what do they get out of it by listing every feature in colorful detail? It seems odd to me...

Great looks and Sound Quality
This is actually a review of Sony CFD-E75 CD/Radio/Cassette Boombox (Silver), exact thing except color. I "borrowed" this from my wife when I found I didn't have any cassette players (except in a car) and had to listen to a cassette. I was impressed by the sound quality for spoken word cassettes. Everything sounds normal like a human is talking! I've also listened to music cassettes and music CD's and am just amazed at how good this sounds. The "wheel" for selecting CD tracks is a great idea and is used for tuning the radio when in "radio" mode. That makes it easy to find your station.Speaking of which, this model has a "real" three section, rotating antenna, not a skinny little wire hanging out the back What won me over though was the FM AND AM reception on the radio section of this item. We live in an area where the big broadcast antenna are on a hill real close to our home so we've always had problems with radio reception. A good adjustable Bass with the Sony "Mega Bass" button does change the sound noticably. I like the styling and I keep the thing on the night stand next to my head so haven't needed the remote. I guess I'll let my wife keep that. HA HA

This was a good purchase. She swears she got ot for considerably less than the price shown. But even at the price shown, I think it's darn well worth it!
Highly Recommended!
John Row

I just received this cute little number in red for a gift! It looked too small to be functional but I was pleasantly surprised! The sound quality is fabulous and it reaches all areas of my condo. Not only do you get radio but cd, cassette, and a clock radio!!! Now for once in my life I can chose what I want to hear when I wake up or as I go to sleep.
I found this Sony so portable that I have taken it to several picnics and other outside events. It tucks nicely into my car. In my bedroom, it does not overpower anything else-perfect size!
Another plus is the availability of headsets in case I want to crank the tunes in the middle of the night and not disturb my elderly neighbors.
The price is great, features fabulous and colors spectacular so what are you waiting for?

Sony CFD-S500 Portable AM/FM/CD/Cassette Boombox
Made by Sony
  • CD, cassette, and radio boombox with audio CD-R/CD-RW compatibility
  • Includes stereo headphones, compact remote control with 10-key direct-track access
  • Mega Bass low-end sound enhancement, 4 electronic sound modes (rock/pop/jazz/vocal), Mega XPAND
  • CD play modes include program, repeat, and shuffle; unit performs synchronized CD-to-cassette dubbing
  • Operates on 6 D batteries (not included) or AC power (cord included)
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:

buttons are a little stiff
I bought this as a gift for my mom (she's visiting right now) & she's complained that the buttons are a little stiff & the cassette door doesn't open & shut too easily. She isn't too impressed...

Best Buy
This one is the best that I've ever heard at this price range it's even better than those over hundred dollars. It doesn't look pretty but excellent sound. I thought SONY just over priced on everything they make. I was wrong.

Easy to learn to use, convenient, a pure delight!
I like this boombox for its versatility, appearance, and ease of use. The sound quality is excellent. The features I use most often are the CD player with the sleep function. I compared other models and prices and am happy with my choice. For the price, I think it packs a lot of features and quality.

Aiwa FR-TC5000 Digital Alarm Clock Radio with AM/FM, CD-R/RW, 3 CD T Cone Mechanism, Sleep Timer, Dual Alarm and Large White Display
Made by Aiwa
    Amazon base price: $
    List price: $109.95 (that's NaN% off!)
    Average review score:

    Great sound, but some things not well implemented
    1. The sound quality is this radio's #1 best feature. Be prepared: once you get used to it, you'll never be able to tolerate an average clock-radio.
    2. The time display is a blue background and white numbers, which I find to be bright enough to read but not glaring. As an added bonus it's almost like a nightlight.
    3. Love the weekend skip! Second alarm allows me to keep the first alarm reserved for my "standard" wakeup and use second one for naps or schedule change.

    1. Pray tell, dear Aiwa engineers, what *were* you thinking by omitting volume control from the remote?!!
    2. AM/PM indicator is too tiny to read from a distance so that setting an alarm via remote is tricky.

    It would have been nice if the radio also included the feature of having the alarm increasing volume.

    My Radio Review
    This radio is great! The remote control comes in very handy.
    I have two complaints about this radio:
    #1: the alarms may not be loud enough for a heavy sleeper.
    #2: it is not possible to turn the volume using the remote.
    The music comes through loud and clear.
    I would recommend this radio to anyone.

    Sony ICFCD823 CD/AM/FM Stereo Clock Radio
    Made by Sony
      Amazon base price: $
      List price: $129.99 (that's NaN% off!)
      Average review score:

      Great cd clock radio but poor FM radio reception and others
      I just got this Sony ICFCD823 CD clock radio and was somewhat impressed with it. Great styling, excellent Malaysia quality, easy to read LCD display, and wonderful sound are a plus. However, the FM reception is poor. It recieves stations but too many static noise. Another is that the volume is a turn dial instead of digital volume. Also, the feature says that it includes a brightness control. It appears that there is no brightness control and is not mention in the manual either. Maybe I got the 2nd generation of the Sony ICFCD823 cd clock radio.

      Great Alarm clock/cd player
      This clock radio saves a whole lot of space that includes a built-in CD player to your nightstand, or anywhere else you're limited for space. The AM/FM stereo tuner has great reception, and the multi-setting dial makes time and alarm setup a breeze. You also get an extendable snooze timer. The backlit LCD display makes it easy to see what time it is, and brightness control lets you dial in the perfect contrast making it easier to sleep. 5 station presets are great, or you can drop in your a CD for a listen. The best part of it is you can wake to CD! Dual alarm makes life simpler for couples i guess, and the memory backup is great for when there are power outage overnight.

      Audiovox CE-255 Compact CD Clock Radio with AM/FM Radio and Dual Alarm
      Made by AudioVox
      • Stereo Compact Disc Player
      • Dual and Weekend Alarm
      • CD/Radio/Buzzer Wake-Up Alarm
      • Snooze Function
      • AM/FM Tuning Radio
      Amazon base price: $
      List price: $49.95 (that's NaN% off!)
      Average review score:

      Very Nice; Convenient CD Player, Radio, Alarm Operation
      This wonderful CD player/alarm clock allows you to either wake up to the CD in the player, the radio station of your choice, or a buzzer. The snooze button can be controlled to allow one-minute to thirty-minute snoozes. You can set two alarms, and it allows you to shut it off during the weekend without having to reset the alarm when the weekend's over. All in all, if you're looking for a good alarm clock with the added convenice of a cd player and radio, and don't want to put too big of a dent in your wallet, the CE-255 is an excellent choice.

      Below is the basic list of the good and bad things I, as a picky shopper, have noticed:



      KLH RCD2208 CD Clock Radio
      Made by KLH
      • Full-function CD player and AM/FM radio
      • 2 independent alarms
      • Programmable snooze and sleep timers
      • Wake to tone alarm or music from CD or radio
      • LEDs confirm time and alarm settings
      Amazon base price: $
      List price: $49.99 (that's NaN% off!)
      Average review score:

      Very Nice
      I have always known KLH to be a great company for stereo systems and speakers (electronics in general). I purchased this item and found it to do everything you need. It plays Cds, functions perfectly as a clock radio, doesn't take up much room and is just yet another great KLH product. I recommend this item.

      Memorex MC285101 Dual Alarm AM/FM/CD Clock Radio (Translucent Blue)
      Made by Memcorp
      • AM/FM Stereo Tuner
      • CD Player with programmable memory
      • Dual Alarm Settings
      • Easy to read 0.9" digital green LED display
      • Sleep Timer Function
      Amazon base price: $
      List price: $49.99 (that's NaN% off!)
      Average review score:

      Very nice...and confusing
      I've had this alarm clock for about 2 years. I really like it because it has some awsome functions. I can wake up to whatever song I want thats on a cd, it has a duel alarm, easy to program time, and nice speakers. The cons are that, at first, it is very hard to figure out how to set the alarm to a song thats in the middle of the cd. I now hate the sound of when it turns on in the morning, but thats just because I have to wake up so early every day :(. I would definitley reccomend this even though you may have to read the instructions more than once to get it working the way you want.

      PS: Did I mention it's a really cool shade of blue??

      Koss CL1160 CD Clock Radio with 3-Sided Display (270-Degree Viewing)
      Made by Koss Audio & Video
      • Top-loading CD player
      • AM/FM stereo radio
      • Dual alarms (wake to alarm, radio, or CD)
      • Headphone jack
      • Snooze and sleep timer
      Amazon base price: $
      List price: $69.99 (that's NaN% off!)
      Average review score:

      Not an owner, but....
      The above "reviews" from "an electronics fan" are, obviously and blatantly, plugs by a manufacturers representative of some sort. Give me a break. If you're not a consumer, you shouldn't be rating the products.

      About the size of my head (i have a big head)
      First of all, the dimmer and the 270 viewing and the snazzy appearance and two alarms and what-not are all as advertised and the sound is better than I expected. The only flaw is it is a bit bigger than some similar units out there. If size is not an issue it is the best one for the price. If size is an issue you need to go to a store and actually lay hands on one, because buying them on the net you never know. There are some really small ones out there that you could, say, use while traveling, but for bedroom or office use this one looks and sounds very nice.(yes, i do sleep in my office, George Costanza style)

      A Great Buy!
      Wow, am I impressed with this clock radio! I did about a week of researching and was planning on a Sony but then saw the reviews for this. It had all the options I was looking for without adding bells and whistles that are useless. What a plus to have 3 sided viewing also! You can see what time it is from anywhere in the room. When I got it home the first thing I did was check the sound. I was quite surprised. I could hear it through the house. Obviously it doesn't sound quite as good as a large stereo system but it really was good! No distortion on high volume. It's the perfect size and the dual alarms are great as I get up at two different times throughout the week!. I tried out the cd player and was impressed again. Another big plus if you're like me and can't sleep with any light. The clock display is NOT overpowering lights!! It has a dimmer switch. It does not light up the whole room as others I looked at. The am/fm pick up is great. Much better than what I had.

      So, I would say if you've been doing a ton of research and are as confused as I was, look at the reviews - everyone is very pleased with this alarm clock (which by the way, the buzzer is very non-intrusive). Go for it - you'll be pleasantly surprised. WELL worth the money.

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